Manic Expression

I wrote this a few months ago in a notebook. Sometimes I write about making art then come across it at a later date only to find that I don't really hold the same idea that I did then. This is pretty normal, as we all grow and change our perspective evolves. The only reason I say this is that what I am posting I don't disagree with. I found something I had scribbled in a yellow paper note pad a couple months ago. A few people have asked me about the cycles in my work.

"Recent turns in my work make it hard to deny the cyclical nature of my efforts. This is fine in the way of learning and progressing in combining different attitudes of perspective, but it does feel a little like running in circles. To break it is the challenge. My cyclical evolution needs to give way to linear progress at some point. This would force me to stick to a specific attitude long enough to see some form of true academic refinement. I am not satisfied enough with any of the attitudes I've been working in to devote my complete attention to it. This will stay on my mind until I stumble on to something in my searching that I am excited enough about to sacrifice the rest to attend to. My plan for searching is to become more manic in attitude, every emotion, every idea, each gesture I must carry out to It's most vivid true realization, unabashedly."

This was written before the "Evolution of a Letter" series. Obviously you can see that those letters were a manifestation of these sentiments.

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