Before Answering

"Before Answering", 36", Oil and Mixed Media,


Borrowed Night Vision Goggles

"Borrowed Night Vision Goggles", 38", Oil and Mixed Media.
Please indulge yourself by clicking on this piece and zooming in.

Faceless City

"Faceless City", 40", Oil and Mixed media

Balance within complex chaos, as the perceived excitement and personality of the modern metropolis blurs slightly it becomes fundamentally synonymous with all of the other prototypes.

Fried Egg for Breakfast

"Fried Egg Breakfast", mixed media, 36"
One in a series of six that I have finished for the most recent showing. I have been more and more perplexed by the task of choosing images to be the vehicles of the attitudes I am trying to communicate. Besides the most obvious popular icons that anyone can think up, corporate logos, there is very little shared context in our society. In an age where corporations have divided and conquered the public, we have little in common with one another that we care to recognize regularly besides what we consume. These images, I decided to put them a way. Any recognizable image that may appear is not the subject, it is just an object, so do not confuse the object with the subject. If you look at this picture you will find within it, like the title, a fried egg. Obviously this painting has more depth than to depict a fried egg, so, once you find it, keep looking.

Aristocratically Handsome

"Aristocratically Handsome", mixed media, ca. 4.5ft

Th Size Up

"The Size Up" , 22", mixed media on canvas.

Palms & Christ

"Palms & Christ", ca 3.5ft, acrylic and latex.

Golden Stork

"Golden Stork", 2ft, oil and acrylic on canvas.

"So What" ca. 3.5 ft Mixed Media on Canvas.

Six Farm Eggs.

Six Farm Eggs, ca. 4ft, Mixed Media on canvas.