"Helping Hands"
Oil, acrylic, mixed media, on wood panel
6.2' in height
"The Jester and the Hero"
Oil, Acrylic, and pastel, on 3/16" thick wood panel
8' in length
*Bargain Bin (left bottom corner broken)
"Thirsty Dinner Guest"
Oil and Acrylic, on panel, in black frame
20" square with frame
"The Lazy Columbia"
Oil on canvas.
12" in length
"America's got Gothic Kids"
Oil, charcoal, and mixed media, on watercolor paper.
22" in Height
"Flowers in Pot"
Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media, on wood panel
2.5' in length
"Boy in Mother's Garden"
Oil and Acrylic on stretched canvas
Aprx 6' in Height
"Girl With Head on Hands, Elbows in Grass"
Oil, acrylic
20" in length
"Red Wine on Feet"
Charcoal, and oil pastel, on water color paper, in gold frame.
22" square with frame
"The Failure of Saint Peter #3"
Oil, and acrylic, on 3/16" thick wood panel
"The Failure of Saint Peter #1"
Oil, Acrylic, on 3/16th inch thick wood panel
6' in height
"Painting With De Kooning"
Acrylic and ink on wood panel
3' long


"Katy, Darling, Picking Flowers"
Water Colors, oil pastel, charcoal, on watercolor paper, unframed.
3' tall
Prosser, WA, Feb. 2010
2009, Cameron and wife, Katy.
"Flowers #12"
Oil, watercolor, pastel, on card panel in black frame.
3.5' in length
"Reflecting Worker"
Oil, mixed media, on canvas.
20" tall
"Mother and Child at Park"
Oil, acrylic, on framed wood panel.
2.5' tall
"Cheese Eater"
Oil, acrylic, charcoal, mixed media, on framed panel.
20" square
"Morning Sun"
Mixed media
18.5" tall
"High-baller Flirting"
Oil, charcoal, pastel, mixed media, on paper.
3.5' tall

Oil, acrylic, pastel, on wood panel.
4.5' in length

"Alligator Attack"
Oil, and Charcoal
2' square
"The Pool"
Oil, acrylic, charcoal, on canvas.
2.5' in length


"The Archer"
Oil, and acrylic, on canvas.
6' in length

partial of: "Bend Summer"
Acrylic, Oil, charcoal, dry oil pigment, latex house paint, on wood panel.
6.3' in length, (panoramic)
"From the Womb of Sleep"
Oil, acrylic, latex, charcoal, and pastel, on canvas.
5' in length
Acrylic on canvas.
7.5' in length

Oil, and mixed media, on canvas.
20" in length

"White People, and the Casanova Sky,"
charcoal, oil, watercolor, on watercolor paper. 2' in length.