New Studio

My wife and I have moved into a house. The beautiful process of putting together a new studio. DeKooning would talk about how art wasn't supposed to be created in dark little cubbies and left over spaces that were good for nothing anymore, that paintings weren't meant to be made in dingy dirty spaces that nobody wanted, but instead a space was to be made to facilitate these creations, there was to be a holy place of creation. Or something along those lines. Time to make a holy place. I now have room to work the way I have been meaning to. Beautiful room.
My next series is very free. I have decided to purge and spread, woe and joy, free of form, unless there arises a form that just comes alive (i wont deny it). I have also considered starting to compile some of my collection for a book, which I will include some writings of mine in. That is a project that will take some time though, I will probably not make it a pressing priority. I have a few murals that I have committed myself to here in the middle of the year, one more challenging than the rest. To finish a mural started seven years ago by another person...
I will update more often than I have been, now that other aspects of life are slowing down a bit.

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