What a Drag.

This is the large canvas I was speaking of. Yes it does have a lot of character and depth, which would show up much better in a more prof photo. But, I have decided to take her deeper. So I am posting this image as the point of pivot. Today I will work with charcoal, drafting a simple scene over the top, then manipulate perspective.
It is very important to take risks in your work. You will see as this piece evolves. This picture could have stayed like this, and been very pleasing. But through taking risks, you open yourself up to work beyond simple scenery. In painting a subject exactly as it is, you reveal nothing that isn't revealed already. You take no risk as you mimic the world around you. But as you take risks, the decisions you make reveal a unique perspective on reality. Making this reality a personal one, a personal experience, a conscious perspective which requires decisions to be made about the subject or surrounding. The more of these decisions you make, the more humanity is let into the work, and the more relevant it is to your fellow human. So remember while you are working that it is not necessarily what you decide or choose to do in your pictures that is of importance, rather, the significance comes from you making the choices first of all. Do not be scared to choose following an impulse in your picture, and don't be afraid to paint over it if it turns out wretched.

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